SORANEL Gate of Unity to yourself
SORANELGate of Unity to yourself   


Support on your way to your Divine Self
Hello Soulfriend!
Be filled with love, light, strength, peace, joy and everything you desire!
May the light of the source illuminate the earth for eternity!

We passed through many gates. Now it's about HERE and NOW.
It is time for each of us to ask ourselves the question in which form we would like to begin this new life: how we renew community, family, child-rearing, individual development, technical progress and our human life in general in harmony with Mother Earth.
Verily, all people on earth today are granted the experience of the complete arrival of their soul in their body.
Learn to open your heart to the beauty and harmony of life.
Learn to live in love and respect for each other.
Learn to respect and honor Mother Earth in all that is.
It is our common task to recognize the beautiful and wonderful in our lives so that from today onwards we can create paradise on earth again.
Learn to value your star children as the only true masters of light there are!

We live here and now, happy and fulfilled, in all areas of our lives.

If, for some reason, this is not the case for you, then you may have been led to these pages to get exactly the help you need to finally come into your true divine self.

My work is to support people to develop their divine selves on earth, to support families, to accompany their children on the right path, to heal Mother Earth in everything.
Life can be beautiful and simple, for all of us, here and now!
Let's help each other live a joyful, peaceful, happy life on Mother Earth!
With love and gratitude to all of you!

Muriel Euphémie


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